Friday, May 29, 2009

Jogging on a Trash Day

Notice I said jogging, not running.  You will never hear me call myself a runner because you could probably power walk faster than I jog with a stroller.  I have been jogging some mornings with Chloe in the stroller in hopes to reduce the size of my baby bearing hips. So far it isn't working.

It is my only way of getting any exercise, since Chloe is so cooperative when I drop her off at the YMCA day care (being really sarcastic here).   Even though Chloe can't talk, her look says it all... "Holy shit, your really going to leave me here? WAAAA....Waaaaa......waaaaaa"  And it doesn't stop until I pick her up and walk out of the day care room.

Jogging on a hot summer Thursday in our neighborhood leaves my nose wishing I had chosen not to run that day.  Not only do we have to dodge the trash trucks, but we have to deal with that nasty aroma the whole time.  And then there is crazy Virginia drivers with tunnel/bridge anxiety still showing it effects. 

The good thing was that I was able to see that the Jehovah's Witnesses were on their way to spread the "Word" so I conveniently put up the "Shhhh Baby Sleeping" sign just in the nick of time.  I didn't want to be "saved" yesterday!

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