Monday, May 4, 2009

Grass stains

Those would be my grass stained knees. I can't even remember the last time I had grass stains!

We went to a new vet today and thankfully Bailey is fine. She has a "sprain in the connective tissue and joint tip" in her back right leg. I was so worried this past weekend. We went to a very incompetent base vet on Friday who told us something was seriously wrong and had us quite upset. I am so relieved that I am drinking a large glass of wine right now. I am sure Bailey got that sprain trying to get away from one of Chloe's "hugs."

We came home from the vet and the 3 of us played outside for a little while. There was another dog walking our way so I got down on my knees and grabbed Bailey's collar. Chloe was standing on the sidewalk and I knew the dog so I just let her stay where she was. As the dog approached Chloe, Bailey pulled me so hard I skidded across the grass and onto my stomach. I was completely shocked. Bailey hasn't ever really shown any protective tendencies. If someone broke in house she would let them take what they want as long as they pet her in the process. So I guess Bailey really does love Chloe! I am pleasantly surprised.

Ok, back to my wine!


  1. Okay- so Navy Vets are as incompetent as Navy Docs- lesson learned!

    Glad Bailey is doing well- she is such a sweetie!!

  2. Tell Bailey "Good Girl!" Great to know that she lives up to what Boxers do best - protect the kiddos. It has to be an awesome feeling to know that Chloe is safe and sound under Bailey's watchful eye. :)