Sunday, May 31, 2009

One more inch...

...and I am going to be a in alot of trouble!

Chloe is 16 months today! Can you believe it? She is a crazier than ever. She is running, not walking, learning to climb on things, likes to ride everything (mainly Bailey), and goes nuts over fruit roll ups. She's pure joy!

Scented Glossy Magazines

If you love the Bravo reality shows as much as I do, then you will enjoy this guilty pleasure of a blog.  

I have been on the hunt for fun new blogs to read.  I love them, can't get enough of them.

Hat Cake

Here is my latest attempt at cake decorating class, a 2 layered cake that we made to look like a flowery hat. I am surprised at how much work goes into these cakes, before taking this class I really thought you could just whip these things up in a day or so.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Stumbled upon this today...  It isn't really relevant for me since Chad won't be deploying on a boat in the future (I think and hope), but someone else may find this book useful.

Jogging on a Trash Day

Notice I said jogging, not running.  You will never hear me call myself a runner because you could probably power walk faster than I jog with a stroller.  I have been jogging some mornings with Chloe in the stroller in hopes to reduce the size of my baby bearing hips. So far it isn't working.

It is my only way of getting any exercise, since Chloe is so cooperative when I drop her off at the YMCA day care (being really sarcastic here).   Even though Chloe can't talk, her look says it all... "Holy shit, your really going to leave me here? WAAAA....Waaaaa......waaaaaa"  And it doesn't stop until I pick her up and walk out of the day care room.

Jogging on a hot summer Thursday in our neighborhood leaves my nose wishing I had chosen not to run that day.  Not only do we have to dodge the trash trucks, but we have to deal with that nasty aroma the whole time.  And then there is crazy Virginia drivers with tunnel/bridge anxiety still showing it effects. 

The good thing was that I was able to see that the Jehovah's Witnesses were on their way to spread the "Word" so I conveniently put up the "Shhhh Baby Sleeping" sign just in the nick of time.  I didn't want to be "saved" yesterday!

Endoscopy Update

The nurse called and said June 4th at 1pm.  I said "no way, Jose."  I am not keeping her hungry all morning, she would be miserable!  We rescheduled for July 2nd at 8am.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I think she had a headache

This is how Bailey decided to catch a nap on the couch last night. I think she had a headache from all of Chloe's "riding" her.  Somebody get that dog 2 aspirin!

I swear with my right hand on the bible that I don't stage any of these photos or videos. I leave my cameras available, charged, out of the case, and ready for the minute Chloe, Bailey, or Chad does something hilarious. I have to be quick and prepared since I am the family historian and photographer. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get it on camera. I get a real kick out of it, the 3 of them keep me on my toes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


that Bailey has accepted Chloe is staying.   And there is just nothing to be done about it except tolerate her and eat her food!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend

We had a blast this Memorial Day Weekend. Cousin Claire visited and Daddy was home all weekend (no duty days). Claire even babysat Sat night so that Chad and I could go out on a date, and on Sunday we had a neighborhood cookout.

Good Times!

Cousin Claire (the recent JMU Grad) visited us for the weekend
Wearing my JMU outfit

Doin' a little dance

My sassy girl

Memorial Day Cupcakes

Enjoying watermelon at the neighborhood party

Our neighborhood gathering

Still eating watermelon, she had 4 pieces!  

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Reflux Monster

If you know us well, then you know that Chloe has been suffering from Reflux Disease since weeks after she was born.  We have been to many many doctors appointments on the subject. We thought we found the miracle drug a few months ago because it seemed to help Chloe tremendously.  About 10 days ago it seemed to stop working.  Chloe came back with all her symptoms of spitting up and then last weekend the no sleeping started again.  


Today we trekked back to the Naval Hospital to see our Pediatric G.I. Specialist.  I discovered that I must give Chloe her medicine 30 mins before eating anything in the morning.  I was giving it to her with food which was wrong, but no one informed me of that before! We are also going to add a dose of Zantac at night to help with nighttime pain, and on June 3rd we are going to have an endoscopy done to verify whether or not this being caused by a food allergy.  

We were trying to hold off on this procedure, but the time has come that we need to make sure this is not an allergy so that we can treat it properly.  We had a radiological study of Chloe's anatomy done a few months ago and everything looked good, but it did verify that Chloe's reflux is the worst of it's kind.  When she drinks or eats even the littlest of bits her stomach pushes it all the way back up to the top of her throat before it goes down again causing a lot of acid and burning in the process.   

The good news is 
1. I feel we are nearing the end of this journey and will fully understand the problem.
2. We have determined that Chloe's reflux is not a symptom of another underlying problem.
3. One day, not sure when, she will grow out of it and be fine.

and most importantly...
I am not an overly anxious first time mother making a big fuss over nothing who doesn't know how to properly use the Ferber Method!

It has been a long road.  Thanks for your care and concern along the way.  

I love this look!

When I look into this face I feel like I am looking into her future 15 years from now when she is saying to me "Mom, really, leave me alone, your such a dork."  

Daddy's Home

Chad FINALLY came home on Wed evening. It was so great to see him and have him back. I can't even begin to tell you that the last 6 weeks felt like 6 months. Lesson learned.. next time I absolutely must be better prepared when he leaves. Chloe recognized him right away and walked right up to him. For a few minutes she just stared at him with a confused look on her face, like "hey, I know you, where have you been?" She was smiling and laughing with him in no time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For the Non-Navy Folks

Dear Non-Military Affiliated People,

In the process of telling people Chad is coming home (because I was unsure of the date until about 10 days ago) this is what I heard... "wow, really, that was fast,"  or "he wasn't gone long" or "that flew by, he just left."  Insert BIG SIGH right here. 

We, Navy people, don't say such things to each other because whether it is a week or a 12 month deployment, it is always hard.  

The comments are innocent and I never usually respond when they are said and I know the person that said them meant no harm.  But I thought I would take this chance to explain that these past 6 weeks DID NOT fly by.  

Let's just say I have a new profound respect for single parents.  Over these past 6 weeks our lawn mower broke, Bailey had possible bone cancer, all of our Mastercards (including my debit card) were canceled because of possible fraud, Chad's car needed some major repairs, babysitters canceled on me, Bailey barfed a lot, Chloe's reflux came back with full force and lots more on top of the regular chores and requirements it takes to patiently and lovingly parent a 1 year old who doesn't sleep well. 

So do as my friend did and say "wow, that flew by"  then follow it up with "but probably not for you."  

Thanks for hearing me out,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where'd it go?

Chloe has a HORRIBLE habit of throwing her binkys, so I started throwing my hands up and saying "All Gone" when she would throw them and couldn't reach it anymore. She is devious in that she throws them knowing I have to go get them and give her attention in the process. A few days after I started doing that, she started this little game.


You will notice Aunt Kelly was in the video. We had a special visit from Aunt Kelly and Grandma this past weekend. I was a moron and didn't take a picture of the the 4 of us. We all had fun. I got to go out with Kelly and get pedicures, we all went out to a nice dinner, and Chloe got lots of playtime. Thanks for the great visit.

Chloe's First Chore

I taught her this last week and she has been dutifully putting her laundry in the bin every time. I couldn't be a prouder!

Thank You Cake

Here it is... Today's results. I actually think the other one turned out much better. I messed a few things up, I need more practice.

I wrote thank you on this cake because I owe a BIG, HUGE THANKS to my Mom and Susan who babysat Chloe so that I could take this class. The class was 3 - 3 hour classes. I could only find a paid babysitter for one of those days, so Mom and Susan graciously helped me out. I really enjoyed it and am grateful for the help. They each got big slices of my cakes.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Tomorrow I have my 3rd cake decorating class. I made 15 cups of buttercream icing and a cake to prepare. Pop back in tomorrow to see what we make in class.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Swirl and The Curl

The swirl and the curl,
one of the many sweet things
about little girls.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Fashion Statement

I would smear red sauce all over my face and hair too if it made me look that cute!

I swear this be will the last "food on my face" photo you will see for a while.

Is it bad that I just took her out of the high chair like that and let Bailey lick her clean? Off to the bath we go...

Happy Mothers Day to Me

These are the pretty flowers and boxes of sweet treats that Chloe and Bailey sent me with a little help from Daddy. Much love and thanks!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cake Decorating Class

This is the first cake I decorated all by myself. There is a small locally owned cake shop nearby that offers decorating classes that I have been wanting to sign up for. I could never seem to work it out with Chad's schedule, so I finally broke down and got a babysitter. I really enjoy it and hope I can remember everything I have learned! 

Bye-Bye Bottle

I consider myself very lucky today. On Thursday Chloe decided she didn't want a bottle anymore! I had her down to only 2 bottles a day, sometimes only 1, just as a nap time and night time thing. Our pediatrician told us children should be off the bottle around 12 months, but several moms told me it was more like 15 months. They were right and I am glad I didn't stress about it. On Thursday and Friday I kept trying to give Chloe a bottle like normal and she kept rejecting it. So today I used no bottles and everything was smooth going. My life of cleaning bottles day in and day out is finally over.

Double fisting!


It has been raining off and on all week. I HAD to get the trash cans out and do a few things, so I took Chloe with me. I thought she would just stand there and wait for me. HA! Silly me! Before I knew it she was splashing in a puddle and wet up to her knees. We both were out in the rain for a little while until I had enough. She was NOT happy with me when I made her come inside!

Pretty Flowers

Very Pretty Anniversary Flowers from Chad's Mom. Thank you for thinking of us!

Monday, May 4, 2009

AJ's Shadow

I Love Ketchup

Grass stains

Those would be my grass stained knees. I can't even remember the last time I had grass stains!

We went to a new vet today and thankfully Bailey is fine. She has a "sprain in the connective tissue and joint tip" in her back right leg. I was so worried this past weekend. We went to a very incompetent base vet on Friday who told us something was seriously wrong and had us quite upset. I am so relieved that I am drinking a large glass of wine right now. I am sure Bailey got that sprain trying to get away from one of Chloe's "hugs."

We came home from the vet and the 3 of us played outside for a little while. There was another dog walking our way so I got down on my knees and grabbed Bailey's collar. Chloe was standing on the sidewalk and I knew the dog so I just let her stay where she was. As the dog approached Chloe, Bailey pulled me so hard I skidded across the grass and onto my stomach. I was completely shocked. Bailey hasn't ever really shown any protective tendencies. If someone broke in house she would let them take what they want as long as they pet her in the process. So I guess Bailey really does love Chloe! I am pleasantly surprised.

Ok, back to my wine!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Bailey

We're worried. :(

I noticed about a week ago that the joint on Bailey's back leg looked large and lumpy. I compared it to the other leg and it was definitely different. I went to the base vet today to have it looked at. The vet didn't have good news for me, he said it could be a bone deformity or bone tumor. I have her scheduled for x-rays on Monday afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed that it isn't serious.

We thought the blue tutu looked better on Bailey!