Saturday, April 11, 2009

Navy All-American Dad

Chad played in the Army/Navy Alumni Game at Raven's Stadium in Baltimore on Friday night. We had lots of fun watching and seeing everyone.  Chad was #45 in college, but he was #28 for the alumni game.  

Army won the game by a landslide, but who was really keeping score.  Everyone was just out to have a good time.  Honestly, I think it is great Army took the victory in this alumni game.  Their service and sacrifice during this time of war has been above and beyond the call of duty.


  1. Inquiring minds want to many goals did Chad score? HAHA.

    LOVE Chloe's Game Day Gear!!

  2. Hey, my brother was at the game! Small world. :)

  3. I didn't know Chad was doing this. How cool! Where did you get Chloe's game gear? Too cute!