Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meeting the Easter Bunny

I wasn't going to take Chloe to see the Easter Bunny this year since she really isn't fond of people she doesn't know holding her, BUT since Grandma Wissmann sent an adorable Easter dress and hat we decided we should do it.   I made an effort on this occasion to actually get in a few pictures with Chloe, but after seeing them I am going to leave it up to Chad and Chloe to be the photographed ones.  Thank goodness Chloe got the Donnelly photogenic gene.  Neither of them ever look bad in a photo!  

At the mall, waiting in line to see the Easter Bunny

Practicing for G.G.'s Easter Egg Hunt

Meeting the Easter Bunny for the first time

She cried when I put her on the Bunny's lap, so I had to get in the photo so she would smile.  

Granny, Grandma, & GG - I have a printed photo for you that I will give to you this weekend.


  1. Look at the sweet baby in her pretty pink dress! She is photogenic...always seems to know exactly when to give a big smile! :)

  2. Such sweet pictures and YOU are photogenic!