Monday, April 20, 2009

Arms up!

This is what Chloe does when you say "arms up." I was getting a picture of the little cuts on her right arm just above her elbow. Wanna know how this happened? This STUPID STUPID house, is how. I really really don't like this house. We found it in a pinch when coming from Japan. It is a terrible kid house. Chloe, Bailey and I were outside playing and Chloe fell on a pine cone. Pine cones are harmless, right? Not the ones in our yard. They have spikes on the ends of them. I usually kick them out of the way before we start playing, but I must of missed one.

We have a large pine tree in the front yard and back yard. It prevents grass from growing, throws these deadly pine cones at us, and sheds all over my beautiful black car. Hufff.... I officially hate all pine trees now. I fell out of one when I was younger and had to get stitches in my chin because of it. I am done, NO MORE PINE TREES!

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  1. Want me to come over with my chainsaw? I won't tell if you won't- we can do a drive by sawing.