Monday, August 31, 2009


If I keep writing about our car problems maybe somehow the universe will hear it and amazingly let me win a new car. Whadda ya think? Probably not.

Today I was in a super great mood. The car was fixed, the weather cooled off, I got a ton of things done... Then 6:00 rolled around and I decided that I would wait out front with Chloe and Bailey for Chad to come home. As he pulled up my mood changed drastically within seconds. The car was making this NOISE. Are you kidding me???? We just put out a ton of money to get several things fixed!!!!!!!!!!! It has been in and out of the shop for 2 months now. We got the flex pipe fixed, then the computer worked on, then new sparkplugs, then new o-rings in the fuel injectors, and finally we had a fuel injector replaced. What now???? This car is sucking the life out of my bank account.

Tomorrow my post will be about how we drove the car to an abandoned field and lit on fire! Is that illegal? Because that is really what I want to do right now.

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  1. Jamie- I'm sorry. That sucks. I hope tomorrow is a good day, from sun up to sun down!