Friday, August 7, 2009

Captain George's Seafood Buffet

The Wissmann Clan consisting of my Uncle Dave, Aunt Shayne, Connor, Colin, Chris and their buddy Charlie took a trip to Busch Gardens/Williamsburg. They invited us to come and have dinner with them since it is only about 45 mins away. We went to Captain George's all-you-can-eat seafood extravaganza (or buffet). All nine of us sat down to catch up over some great seafood. I got Chloe a plate of fried shrimp and mac & cheese. She wanted none of that. She went right for my crab legs and didn't stop. She ate her body weight in crab meat. Everyone was shelling them and passing them along.

More Crab Please!

Just take the shell off, and I will do the rest!

Connor is holding Chloe, Colin, Chris, and friend Charlie

Uncle Dave, Connor, Chris, Colin, Chloe and Me

You can't tell from this photo, but my Uncle Dave is 6'8". I brag about this all time. It goes something like this "I have tall genes, my uncle is 6'8"." Chad also brags about it, but his goes like this, "my kids are going to be tall, Jamie's family is huge, her uncle is 6'8, I feel short at her house."

We had a great time and wish we could of spent more time together. Thanks to Dave and Shayne for treating us to a great meal. It was a great evening.


  1. Thanks for coming up and meeting us. I to wish we were closer and could spend more time witrh you guys but at least for a little while longer you are still close enough by that we can sneak away and catch up. I glad you guys enjoyed dinner and Chloe was an angle. I think she got her fill!

  2. Great pictures, you look awesome Jamie. I keep meaning to ask you about the hair straightening thing... remind me next time we talk!