Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our big weekend started out with the Turkey Trot 10K

"I can't believe you got me up so early for this!"

After. Finishing time 1 hour 7 mins.

To make up for the calories that we burned that morning we headed to the Moore's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

A wonderful meal done by Susan aka Martha Stewart.

AJ and Chloe trying out the dog's crate.

If only this were legal!

OOOOOooooohhhhh. That is what Chloe said when she saw the lights.

Daddy's hard work

Decorating Chloe's tree

At Hunt Club Farm to see their Christmas Extravaganza. Chloe would only sit on the pony for a min, but that was it.

The goats were hungry today.

Candy Cane Maze

Checking out the Christmas display

A little love for the moose

Looking for our Christmas Tree

Got one all picked out and we are ready to go.


  1. I LOVED looking at all your pictures. It's hard to believe all that you guys have done and it is not even December 1st! Kudos to you, I'm feeling lazy:-)

  2. P.S. Chloe's haircut with bangs is too cute! AND, you should use the picture at the top of your blog for your Christmas cards.