Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Weekend

We had a BIG week/weekend over Halloween. Chad headed off to TN to prep for his new job and to sign the lease on our rental house. Meanwhile, Grandma came to visit Chloe and I in Norfolk. We celebrated Grandma's Birthday with a nice dinner, presents and a pretty cake.

Chloe couldn't keep her fingers out of the icing.

Happy Birthday Grandma.

Then Grandma took us to the Sesame Street Live show.

Chloe was in Elmo Heaven. She has recently caught Elmo Fever. She just can't get enough of that red furry monster. She had so much fun at the show. I couldn't believe that she sat there and watched for an hour and half.

Chloe was ecstatic over her $10 Elmo Balloon.

Carving our Halloween pumpkin.

Chad got back LATE on Friday night and on Saturday morning got up and ran the 10K with me in Virginia Beach. It was a lot of fun. We saw some really hilarious running costumes.

Bailey and Chloe all dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treating. Unfortunately it was 80 degrees out so Chloe was hot and not feeling so good, but she looked really cute.

The Butterfly and The Bee

Trick or Treating and holding hands with her best friend, Sydney.

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  1. it me, or does Chad's number say "Susan" in it?? So nice you were thinking of me during your marathon! Haha.

    Those two last pics of Chloe with the pumpkin are the best ever!!!