Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Holiday: Day Two

On Day Two of our trip, we flew from Birmingham to Dublin, picked up our rental van, and drove to Cork which was about a 4 hour drive. The daylight in England and Ireland was from about 4am to 11pm. It worked out really well to keep Chloe on Eastern Standard Time. They are 5 hours ahead so we just adjusted naps and night time accordingly and it worked out really well.

I felt comfortable flying on a plan with a clover on it's tail.

Chad couldn't contain his excitement about being in Ireland. He did his cheer for Ireland many times over.

Chad's first Guiness in Ireland.

We stopped at an Irish Pub on our way to Cork to get some dinner. 

This was my fish and chips meal with mushy peas.  It was huge and I didn't finish it and the waitress yelled at me for not finishing it!  Really, she wasn't kidding.  

We came across this sign outside the pub.  Chad got a real kick out of it.

We finally arrived in Cork for the evening.  This is Chloe's first hotel stay.

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