Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Holiday: Day Three

Here we go, day three, exploring Cork.

We came upon Chad's dream job, working for the Guiness Quality Team.

In-Law Love

Our first stop, the English Market, where they had all kinds of fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, chocolates, coffee, sandwiches, and more.  It was so good.

If Dan owned a restaurant this is what it would be called.

Shopping in Downtown Cork

The shopping wore everyone out, so we sat down for a drink and a nap.

Awake and ready for some taste testing. No, not really!  The funny thing was as we were taking this photo an Irish Social Worker was sitting next to us, laughing at us and joking about charging us.

Chloe sharing her fries.  She never met a dog she didn't LOVE.

"All Gone."

Chad found The Long Island Bar.

View from the hotel room.


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  1. I'm loving the "holiday" posts! Gorgeous pictures! How did you decide to visit the town of Cork? My favorite picture in this bunch is the one of Chloe doing "all gone" to the dog. LOVE IT!