Wednesday, February 11, 2009


And hopeful. That is how I felt this morning when we met with Dr. Sullivan, the gastroenterologist. He told me there is most likely something else going on with Chloe beyond the normal reflux most babies experience. He prescribed Prevacid which he said is a better medication then our current one. He is not completely sure what is causing the problem so we going to do a few things. The first change is the medication, second is trying her on rice or soy milk because she may have a protein allergy, third we are having an x-ray/upper G.I. study done to make sure her anatomy is formed correctly, and finally an endoscopy. If steps 1,2, and 3 work or produce positive changes, then we won't do the endoscopy. The endoscopy is a short procedure which she will have to be put to sleep for, but will give conclusive answers. Dr. Sullivan did say that her sleep problems could very well be a result of what is going on internally.


  1. Glad to hear things are moving forward with Chloe's reflux. Do your research on the soy milk suggestion, however. There's a number of studies that suggest that soy milk is a hazard to babies because of the estrogen levels and lack of nutrients that cow's milk contains (some brands have added supplements, though). I haven't done a whole lot of reading on the matter, but enough to prevent me from trying it when Noah was having his constipation issues. I know that England's Diabetic Association and France and Israel's health ministries take a strong stance against its usage in developing babies. Thought you should know. Doctors are often clueless when it comes this stuff, since they're not nutritionists.

  2. Rule #1- Mother always knows best! When all else fails, refer back to this rule! HAHA.