Monday, February 16, 2009

Passport, Please.

She's ready to see the world!

First Class Only!

Her first 2 stamps will come this summer when he head off to England to visit Uncle Dan, Aunt Kelly, Max and Molly. Then together we are all heading to the "Homeland," as Chad likes to call it, Ireland. We can't wait!!!!


  1. That's awesome! What a memorable trip that will be. I think it's so good to travel young!

  2. Ha! She's on her way! :)

    S. Korea, U.S., Australia, Singapore (and Japan) - five countries in one year - Noah has thrown down the gaunlet...that's the number for Chloe to beat! ;) Seriously though, I can't believe we traveled with him to that many countries in under a blows my mind. Probably why I have so many more wrinkles this year...

    So, here's to England and Ireland...and maybe a little side trip to France and Spain??? ;)

  3. OHHHH, I want to go!!!!! I got all of the kids passports a few months ago, we don't have any trips planned with them, but you never know. Maybe we can join you?!! I wish.