Monday, February 2, 2009

One Year Check-up

We had our one year check up this morning with Dr. Doyle. Chloe is 19 lbs, 10 ounces, 29 inches. After a year of excessive spitting up and Zantac dosages, she finally feels it is time to see a GI specialist. Hopefully we'll be able to get an appointment soon. I am really looking forward to hearing what they say. I have been telling the doctors that her reflux is very severe, but they insisted it was pretty normal. I knew I was right! Mother always knows best, right? I have a very strong feeling that whatever is going on internally is linked to her sleep issues as well.

Otherwise she appears to be developing well mentally and physically. She is not walking yet, but working very hard on standing on her own. She stands for a minute or so then loses her balance. She cruises and crawls with no problems. She still has no teeth, but is taking more whole foods. We are going to switch from formula to whole milk this week and do our best to move away from using the bottle. I am not sure how well that is going to go over!!!

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