Thursday, October 7, 2010

33 Weeks

Here is the only shot of me pregnant. I personally hate being in photos and hate asking Chad to take a picture of me, so this is it, probably the only shot that will exist of Little Miss Donnelly #2 in my belly. 7 weeks to go, maybe less, I am hoping, although we are still waiting on furniture to come in and don't have her room set up yet. I really don't feel ready for her to be here yet, but I am ready to be done with this pregnancy. It seems as if I have been pregnant forever and ever.

And I will apologize to her and Chloe everyday if either inherits that chin!


  1. Jamie - I think you look adorable! I hope the final 7 weeks fly by for you as I know they are the hardest. I have very few pregnant pictures of myself and to be honest, I regret it. I encourage you to take more the last couple of weeks. You will actually enjoy taking a look at them one day!

  2. Jamie -
    You are so beautiful here! I just checked your blog to see if you had posted any new updates/pics of Shae and Chloe, and just wanted to tell you that you looked GREAT pregnant! I know it must feel crazy right now having two little ones to juggle... Wishing you sleep, as well as a wonderful holiday! ~ Erin