Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of School

Chloe had her first day of "school" today! Well, really, it isn't school. It is called Parents Day Out and it is at St. Ann's Catholic Church which is about 20 minutes from our house. Chad calls it "educational daycare." She will go Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-2pm.

I really really stressed over this decision to sign her up for "school." She hasn't done well in any situation so far when I have had to leave her. She has never done well with any babysitter or stayed at the gym daycares at the YMCA. I am usually called to come get her or come home because she just gets so upset. I was just unsure if she was ready this year. I contemplated just waiting until next year when she was 3.

I decided to sign her up because our social situation here in TN isn't the best. We haven't met many people, so Chloe and I haven't made too many friends, and our neighborhood is very quiet. I really felt like she needed to play with some kids her own age. I am pretty sure she was getting bored hanging out with me all day.

Here she is dressed and ready for her first day.

She did absolutely great her first day. Chad dropped her off because we thought it would be less traumatic that way. She cried a little when he left and didn't cry at all the rest of the day. I really expected to be called within an hour or two of her being dropped off. This is her report from the first day. I am so happy she did so well.

These are photos from her orientation day.

The crown and wand were her presents for doing so well on her first day of school. She came home and was so excited about school and her teacher. Let's just hope that continues and next week goes just as well.

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