Thursday, June 11, 2009

Navy Life Side Effect

There is this phase you go through between sleep and consciousness.  You feel yourself coming out of dreamland, but you aren't quite there yet. Do you know what I am talking about?  

I started having these strange panicky wake-ups when we moved to Japan.  In that phase of not sleeping, but not awake, I would think "am I really in Japan."  It wasn't like a pinch myself moment like "yay, I am in Japan!"  It was more like, "holy crap, am I really living on the other side of the world where they eat raw fish for breakfast and where I can't get a real job."  I am sure some of this is contributed to my anxious personality, but I haven't had a grounded feeling since we left our home and my job in Jacksonville.

In this moment of coming to consciousness I have to remind myself of who, what, where, when, and why.  As in, is Chad here, what state/country am I in, is Chloe ok?  Once I figure all that out, I lay there just praying that Chloe will magically lay herself back down and pass out for 3 more hours. It never happens.  It is kind of like wishing I would win the lottery. 

I am positive that most people probably don't have this state of confusion when they wake up.  I am pretty sure this is a side effect of Navy life.  I am wondering if other military people experience this?  

I would think Chad  would have it worse than me because he goes from one travel to the next, sleeping on a boat, sleeping in our bed, but I think he has learned that when that alarm goes off he needs to get up and go... most days.  If he doesn't do this, he ends up hugging his alarm clock curled up on the edge of the bed trying to spoon the dog.  It's a funny sight.

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  1. Oh Jamie. I hope you guys can move back to Jacksonville and you can feel grounded!