Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chloe goes to Ocean City

While in Maryland we took a little detour and visited the beach for a few days. Being landlocked in TN has me longing for the coast. We have taken Chloe to the beach before, but she was not a beach baby. She didn't like the sand on her feet, she broke out in a rash from the sunscreen, and she was scared of the water. Luckily this time, she was much more interested. She liked playing in the sand and finally on the third day she got into the water. The weather was just perfect, not too hot and a little wind. It was a great trip.

Introducing Chloe to Candy Kitchen

picking out her "pop-pop"

making a trip to the boardwalk

Going to pick out her decal for her OC Sweatshirt

Sad, but true!

Chloe's new OC sweatshirt

A little cotton candy on the boardwalk

Playing skeeball

YUM!!!!! Eating out, lots of seafood, I was in HEAVEN

Hanging out at the beach

Finally, on the last day, we got her in the water

Jumping the waves with Dad

All wet and she wanted to go back for more!

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