Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Number 2...

I figured I have made you all wait long enough for my next blog post. Here are the first pictures of Chloe's little brother or sister.

13 weeks. The baby is actually sucking it's thumb laying with it's feet crossed. I was really hoping to get a glimpse of whether it was a boy a girl, but the baby decided to keep it a secret and make me wait until the 20 week ultrasound by never uncrossing it's legs. The ultrasound showed the baby to be in good health with a good heart rate and activity, and no obvious signs of any genetic disorders. All good news.

9 weeks. The baby is actually upside-down floating around, you can see the arms and legs developing. It is amazing how much development happened between the 9 week and 13 week ultrasound.

The Happy Big Sister

As for me... Well that is whole other story. Thankfully the baby is doing well, but I am not doing so well. At 13 weeks now the nausea is not quite as intense as it was which really isn't say much. I still don't have an appetite and have dropped a few pounds. I am hoping the next few weeks lead to better things for me. Thank God for Chad, he is been great by taking care of absolutely everything because I spend all my free time face down in bed.

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  1. Those are actually really good ultrasound pictures for 13 weeks! I hope you feel better and better with each passing day:-)